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Back in the 70's, I bought my first Minolta Super SLR 700 camera. During the next twenty years I took quite a lot of photo Pics. Unfortunately the cost of print mounted. Let me explain, I came back home from a trip to Tasmania with 300 images shot on film rolls. To make a selection of the images for print, I would have to review them first. The best way was to print a proof thumbnail sheet of all the pictures before making my selection. I only enlarged and printed two images from negatives on that trip. It got to a stage where film prints were becoming outdated and were being taken over by digital. A long period drew out into years, with a yearning for another good camera and almost tens years of waiting for the $6,000 body + extra for parts, the price came down for the camera I wanted, I bought the Canon DSLR 5D Mark 111 camera + wide angle and Macro lens to boot. Every trip I go on now, I take my camera with me. One thing didn't change though, except for the extra knobs and menu choices is that manual SLR control is still manual DSLR. What the difference now is, I can take 300 images or 1200 images, look at every one of them and if I only need 2, I can delete the rest at no cost. As the years have gone by, the development of digital print has allowed the photographer to edit to their hearts content. I use Adobe Photoshop CC to edit and so, my Portfolio of images reflect that result.

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